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17 Ideas for B2B Newsletter Content

Email marketing works extremely well in B2B, but many companies struggle to create enough content to sustain a monthly campaign. Here are content ideas to keep your presses rolling and make subscribers eager to read every new email. Show photos of your product being used in common applications. Show photos of your product being used
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b2b-hire-writer Every B2B Should Hire a Writer

Every B2B should hire a writer. I’ve been saying this for almost 10 years. Throughout that time, precious few B2Bs have done so. Today, B2Bs that fail to build an internal writing team fall into one of two categories: Some B2Bs fail to see that virtually all marketing involves writing. Marketing is communication. To outsource
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love-link How to Make Link Love

The world of search rankings and link values changes often, but one thing remains true: High quality, relevant links are important. When your website links to another leader in your industry, either by way of reference or in a feature-style post, you add value for your readers, build a sense of rapport with that other
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website-content How Experts Confront the Content Challenges of B2B Websites

Whenever B2B businesses set out to create lead-generating websites there’s a less than delicate dance that occurs over how much and what style of content to include on the site. B2B websites generally have simple, well-defined goals that all end up in the same place: to drive leads and convert them to sales. Some sites
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12-clients-blog The 12 Clients of Christmas

Ever wonder what would happen if Clark Griswold contacted your agency inquiring about a new website to market his house with a “grand total of 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights?” How about if Rudolph wanted a website to sell the best LED light bulbs for those Chicago Winter storms? Client interactions for any marketing B2B
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business-graph Accounting: How Can A Company Recover From Less Than Predicted Quarterly Earnings?

Presenting an end-of-quarter earnings report can be a thankless task if all the lines are trending down. Having a few ideas on recovering from lower-than-expected quarterly earnings can help keep things in perspective when you’re facing a table of worried executives. A look at collection strategies, expenses, and your company’s most profitable customer base can
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Human Resources

unpopular-decisions A Guide to Making Unpopular Decisions

You may remember from previous pieces here that I was pretty distraught, at the age of 10, when my favourite footballer, Gary Lineker, was sold to Barcelona for a club record £2.8m. The same was true, to a lesser extent, when Wayne Rooney was sold to Manchester United for £25m many, many years later. Everton’s
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sun-protection Sun Protection for Your Employees

Most people know that it’s important to put on sunscreen before spending a long day at the beach. However, it can be easy to forget about sun protection while on the job. Working outdoors for part or most of the day puts employees at a high risk for sunburn, blistering, skin aging, heat exhaustion and
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b2b-person-floating-with-paper How to Get Sales and Marketing on the Same Page

Like Good and Evil, Sales and Marketing are locked in an eternal struggle — both sides seeing themselves as good, of course. Marketers blast sales teams for not following the plan; sales teams blast marketers for saddling them with ridiculous plans. Any B2B facing this is in a no-win situation. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution
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twitter-b2b How to Use Twitter Seriously in B2B

Twitter launched its IPO on November 6, 2013 at $26 per share, and TWTR stock rose as high as $50 on the first day of trading. With a market cap of over $20 billion, there must be something to this social media platform – but is it something that B2B enterprises can tap into? The
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cables-wires How Wires and Cables Can Make or Break Your Business

Wires and cables play a huge part in everyday business operations. They have their obvious applications, such as electricity and data transfer, but other industries rely on cables and wires to run efficiently on a daily basis. The durability of the cables, wires and associated components is also incredibly important when it comes to operations,
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Happy Hour

HAPPY HOUR Top 10 Grammar Tips for Every Business

We’ve all gone through those boring English classes in school. While some grammar lessons stick with us and others don’t, it’s important for businesses to remember that all it takes is one wrong letter or word to step into a public relations gaffe. Consider the two following statements. Our business is proud to lend an
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