17 Ideas for B2B Newsletter Content


Email marketing works extremely well in B2B, but many companies struggle to create enough content to sustain a monthly campaign. Here are content ideas to keep your presses rolling and make subscribers eager to read every new email.

  1. Show photos of your product being used in common applications.
  2. Show photos of your product being used in unusual applications.
  3. Write mini case studies (1-2 paragraphs) about how your product/service solved a common problem.
  4. Write mini case studies about how your product/service solved an unusual problem.
  5. Invite subscribers to respond to brief (5-10 question) surveys about your products, services or industry issues.
  6. Publish results and analysis of each survey, giving subscribers insight about industry trends and application solutions.
  7. Provide short (1-2 sentence) synopses and links to important industry news or opinion articles.
  8. Write short bios of employees (1-3 per newsletter) with head shots.
  9. Run a “Customer FAQ” series where you provide answers — 1-3 questions per newsletter.
  10. Run an “Industry Terms” series where you provide accurate definitions of technical industry terms — 1-3 per newsletter.
  11. Run an annual “Customer FAQ Recap” article where you consolidate all of the FAQ’s from previous newsletters.
  12. Run an annual “Industry Terms Recap” article where you consolidate all of the definitions from previous newsletters.
  13. Offer subscriber-only loyalty programs.
  14. Offer subscriber-only discounts on new purchases, closeout items, larger order quantities, etc.
  15. Offer subscriber-only discounts in exchange for referrals.
  16. Invite subscribers to participate in evaluations of new products/services.
  17. Report subscriber feedback/status updates on those evaluations.
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